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Distribution of your videos through Dancing India

Dancing India is one of the most popular web site frequented by the classical Indian dance lovers all over the world. Tens of thousands of our visitors access high-quality digital videos as Adobe Projector files (.exe). Most of the videos you see here have been submitted by the dancers, their representatives or independent film-makers.

What you get paid

You earn a royalty every time viewers access your full video. You receive 60% of the cash contributed for your item, which is 10% more than you can get at Amazon Video On Demand (AVOD). For example, if your video receives a contrubition of $5.00, you earn a royalty of $3.00. You may suggest for each video a list amount that visitors should pay. However, Dancing India reserves the right to assign it a specific rating which will determine the acceptable range of the amount the viewers will be offered to pay. Royalties are based on the actual amounts contributed by the viewers. Sales reports are updated monthly, and your payment occurs 60 days (via Moneybookers, OKPay, Alertpay or PayPal) after the end of the month in which the contrubutions were made.

What you pay

We do not charge fees for inclusion of your video in our library.

Submission Requirements and Procedure

To enable us to determine if your video qualifies for the inclusion in our library, we would like to preview 2-3 minutes of it. You can upload this fragment on any online file sharing or video hosting service (e.g. YouTube) and email us the link to it. Upon our approval, you will have to upload the entire video onto a file sharing/video hosting service that does not alter the format of the submitted videos and provide us with the link to it. The videos must be at least 10 minutes long. You can upload in any format as long as the image quality is high and the picture is clear.

After your video is received, please allow for 10 days for it to appear in our library. If you would like to remove your item from further distribution on Dancing India, please let us know. Your video may take up to 30 days from the date we receive your email notification to be removed from further distribution.


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