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  The DancingIndia ratings mostly reflect the commercial value of the videos, i.e. reflect the supply vs. demand situation, which is changing all the time. Thus, the videos from the commercially released DVDs are given low ratings and are continually being downgraded. The factors that determine the category a particular video is placed in are as follows:

  1. availability of the video outside of DancingIndia (unlike the widely available DVD videos, the rest of the items in our library are not likely to be found anywhere else)
  2. popularity of the dancers
  3. rarity of the items
  4. artistic value of the performance
  5. knowledge value of the educational videos
  6. completeness of the video record and its technical quality
of videos
Number* of videos
in the category
H 296
G 914
F 916
E 433
D 348
C 139
B 117
A 194
* Database update as of 01 May 2011
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